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Dakota County Historical Society
To preserve, interpret and promote the history of Dakota County.

The Lawshe Fund Campaign is an annual appeal that is sent out at the end of every calendar year. Our 2023 fundraising goal is $16,000! We have $5,760 available in matches to help your donation go further! Your donations help fund our organization's operations and ensures we end the year on a positive note. We have surpassed our fundraising goal for the past six years and set records the past two years.

If you would like to help increase our fundraising efforts by offering a match, please contact Matt Carter at 651-552-7548 to discuss opportunities.

Organizational Background

The fund itself is named for Fred Lawshe, the organization's founder, who in 1939 joined other historically minded individuals to create an organization to preserve Dakota County's history, today's Dakota County Historical Society (DCHS). Today, DCHS "preserves, interprets and promotes the history of Dakota County" through our operations of three historic sites. In order to help ensure financial stability, the annual campaign gives history lovers and supporters the opportunity to financially contribute to our mission.

Each year since 2016, we have established an organizational fundraising goal and our supporters and donors have recognized the significant contributions of our organization by providing financial donations to the campaign. We have been beyond grateful for the steadily increasing funds provided to the Lawshe Fund. Since 2018, we have been able to offer matching funds to help extend your individual contribution. 

Double Your Donation

Did you know that you may be able to have your contribution matched by the business you work for? Many businesses will offer to match your donation at 1:1 basis - this means that every dollar you donate, your business will also donate a dollar! To see if your business offers a 1:1 match, please view our list of Matching Gifts. If your company offers a match and is not listed, please let us know.

DCHS currently has multiple matches available to help your donation go further!

  • The DCHS Board of Trustees joined efforts to offer a Board Match of $4,500 this year. To show their support of DCHS, they once again encourage others to give and match their contributions.


  • Former DCHS board president Bob Damon, and his wife Michelle, have provided a match up to $500 this year. Bob joined the board in 2015 and served as board president from 2016 - 2020, when his term ended. Bob and Michelle have continued their support of the organization through generous contributions, as well as attending many of our events throughout the year.


  • A long-time researcher has offered a match up to $710 this year. This researcher has spent numerous hours in our archive and research library looking for information that has been used in his own book, as well as our Over the Years publication and newsletters.

If you would like to help increase fundraising for our organization by offering a match, please contact Matt Carter at 651-552-7548.

Lawshe Fund 

In November 2021, the Lawshe Museum closed for renovations. It took until January 2023 for us to reopen to the public and share the amazing changes that took place during that time. The $1.2M renovation, provided by Dakota County, sought to improve ADA accessibility throughout the museum. We were able to remove the narrow pathways of Old Town and create brand new exhibits - six in fact. This was the first time since opening the Lawshe Museum in 1978 that every exhibit was brand new. The only exhibit that was held over was the Lockheed Martin computer history exhibit, but even that was reworked. We greatly appreciate the time and efforts from so many people that went into the renovations and our reopening. In 2023, we anticipate our attendance surpassing pre-renovation (and pre-COVID) numbers, including numerous group tours that were new to the Lawshe Museum.

We also want to recognize everyone that visited our LeDuc Historic Estate and Sibley Historic Site this past year. We were able to host numerous events at both sites, some new and some old. These old events, such as Civil War Weekend, continue to be a draw to the public. Our new events, such as the Fete at the Sibley Site, brought in more than 250 people in a single day to celebrate the French-Canadian culture that exists in our state and county.

We hope you will help us achieve our fundraising goal of $16,000 for 2023, or even surpass that. For your convenience, we have a variety of ways you can give toward the Lawshe Fund. You can use our website to process your donation below.

You can also call your donation in over the phone by calling us at the Lawshe Museum (651-552-7548). If you prefer to send a check, you can send it to the Dakota County Historical Society, 130 3rd Avenue N, South St. Paul, MN 55075. Be sure to write in the memo "2022 Lawshe Fund" so we can accurately track your contribution.

If you wish your donation be in memory / honor of another individual, please include that person's name in the "Note" section below, or on the memo of your check. 

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