Dakota County Historical Society
To preserve, interpret and promote the history of Dakota County.

Named for red clay banks, the Vermillion river crosses the County before descending in falls and rapids to the Mississippi. Its waters powered three Hastings flour mills at the end of the “Pioneer Wheat Trail.”

The water no longer powers flour mills today, however it is well worth the trip for the exquisite beauty of Minnesota’s natural bounty. Miles of scenic trails wind along both the Mississippi and Vermillion rivers in the area that are sure to entice anyone who loves the outdoors.

Vermillion Falls Park is on the south side of Hastings, just off Highway 61 and County Road 47, near the Ardent Mills flour mill. The stunning Vermillion Falls are 100-feet high. Its water power first began to power a mill in the 1850s that most notably produced the first saleable graham flour in the state.

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