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Location: 801 Pine Street
A fine example of the later works of Frank Lloyd Wright stands just off Highway 55 at the northwest entrance to Hastings. The building, known as the Fasbender Clinic, reflects the use of complex polygonal shapes, a stylization that became known as Wright’s “inward house period”. A copper roof folding almost to the ground dominates the exterior of the clinic and surrounds a tall, variegated buff and light brown brick utility core.
The Fasbender Clinic is one of 13 buildings Frank Lloyd Wright constructed in Minnesota. During his life (1869-1959), Wright designed well over 800 buildings, of which 433 were constructed and 280 still stand. Wright died in 1959, two months before the building’s completion.
Although less than 50 years old (constructed 1957-59), it received National Register status in 1979 due to Wright’s international fame and the fear that expansion of adjacent Highway 55 would endanger it.
Thomas Olson, a nine-year student of Wright’s and friend of Dr. Fasbender Jr., encouraged the doctor to enlist Wright for the design of this medical clinic. Fasbender’s father (Herman Fasbender Sr.), also a doctor, began his Hastings practice in 1921 and later served as alderman and mayor.
In 1966, when Dr. Fasbender Jr. moved into larger offices at the Mississippi Valley Clinic, he sold the clinic to Production Credit Association. In 1970, Production Credit sold the buildings to dentists John Thibodo and J. K. Kugler. The building is now owned by Edward Jones Investments.

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